About us

Our mission is to make Italian food accessible to anyone. To you who want to feel connected to your roots even if you are living abroad, want to try something different or just want to share a piece of italian culture with your loved ones, we will make it our mission to be your top supplier of quality Italian food.

Company History

Valitaly was born as a dream;  the dream of sharing the rich Italian culture with family, friends and loved ones. Valitaly is a way of demonstrating to the world that Italy is much more than pizza and pasta.

Valitaly’s story began in 2020, in London, where diversified quality Italian food is hard to find at accessible prices. As a result, Valitaly decided to follow a different credo ( path).

Being customer centred, the company aims to satisfy customers by offering the best quality Italian products at affordable prices so that everyone can experience and share the unique Italian cuisine.

With Valitaly , the passion for quality Italian food and products, and the desire to share this passion with its customers will always be at the centre of the Company’s  values.