Biscuits, crackers and rusks

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Colussi Biscuits Frollini Re Di Cuori (300g)

Re di cuori meaning "king of hearts". Heart shaped shortbread biscuit with chocolate drops

Colussi Granturchese Biscuits (400g)

Granturchese is a popular breakfast cookie in Italy. It's simple sweetness makes it perfect for this morning occasion.
£2.40 £1.20

Colussi Salted Crackers (250g)

Salted crackers made with sourdough, left to rise for 24 hours. Fragrant and made from an exclusive recipe with Sicilian salt.
£2.40 £1.20

Gastone Lago Savoiardi (Lady Fingers) (400g)

Gastone Lago Savoiardi Lady Fingers Softness that will not break.
£3.25 £1.62

Misura Less Sugar Toasted Slices ( rusks) (320g)

Taste of toasted bread in a golden, crumbly slice.

Sapori Soft Amaretti Morbidi (175g)

Soft Amaretti made with sweet almonds, sugar and eggs.

Sapori Cantuccini Toscani Almond (175g)

Cantucci are diagonally sliced biscuits and Sapori still make these following the historic Tuscan tradition, blending almonds, milk, honey, sugar and eggs.