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A Pero CHERRY Tomatoes Sauce (330g)

Sweet cherry tomato sauce. Packaged in glass to preserve the taste.

Mutti Tomato Sauce (700ml)

Mutti passata is sweet, smooth and velvety. Use it as a base for pasta and pizza sauces, and for making rich sauce or oven-bakes.

Rummo Bolognese sauce (350GR)

A traditional meat ragu’. Rummo pasta sauces are made with 100% Italian tomatoes.

Greci Mushroom Purée sauce with Truffle (400gr)

Purée made from Porcini mushrooms and Italian fresh champignon mushrooms.Finely minced and enhanced with summer truffle.

Mutti Tomato Double Concentrate (130g)

Double concentrate. A great way to add texture, flavour and colour to your cooking.

Passioni Siciliane Pistachio Pesto (180gr)

The early pistachio is typical of the Sicilian tradition, carefully prepared for your palate, great for seasoning spaghetti, linguine and tagliolini.

Passioni Siciliane Capriccio dell'Etna Pesto (180gr)

This pesto is a reinterpretation of simple pistachio pesto with a touch of bonta' superior, great for seasoning spaghetti, linguine and tagliolini.

Passioni Siciliane Walnut pesto (90gr

The walnut pesto, like the most famous basil pesto, is a basic preparation of the kitchen, salty, typical of the Ligurian gastronomic tradition.

Passioni Siciliane Tuna fish seasoned sauce (90 gr)

Simple to use, Tonno alla Pescatora is great for seasoning spaghetti, linguine and tagliolini or to prepare a delicious risotto. Also excellent to garnish slices of toast, lightly flavored with garlic. Production: Sicily, Italy Ingredients: Tuna, Brandy, parsley, onion, capers, anchovy paste, tomato, iodized salt, sunflower seed oil.

Barilla Sauce Tomatoes and Ricotta (400g)

Barilla Ricotta Sauce creates a perfect harmony between creamy ricotta cheese flakes and chopped Italian tomato, for a light and tasty recipe. So a simple sauce is born, with a delicate flavour and prepared without the addition of preservatives, ready to conquer with its soft richness the pasta you love. Ideal with Mezze Penne Barilla Ricotta Sauce is ready to pour directly on the pasta just drained. To enhance the aroma and flavour of the ingredients it is recommended to heat it over a low heat or in the microwave, after opening the jar.